The objectives of the Washington State Wrestling Association are to promote wrestling at all levels throughout the state of Washington, and to ensure the continuation of, and improve upon, opportunities for safe competition with exposure to various styles of wrestling. It is the intent that the Washington State Wrestling Association will be able to meet these objectives by creating opportunities in wrestling for competitors of all ages and, along with their coaches, parents, and fans, encourage their continued participation in their sport as they advance through their lives.


The control and direction of the Washington State Wrestling Association shall be placed in the hands of those people who are now working with Washington's wrestlers, and the goals of the Association shall include the development of responsible wrestling administrators from the ranks of the Washington program at the local, state, and national levels who will provide leadership and direction to their membership, to develop an attitude of sincere concern among all coaches toward the improvement of all levels and aspects of wrestling from elementary through Olympic levels of competition, to provide channels of communication within Washington and with the various other states, furthering the exchange of ideas and experience to the benefit of all wrestlers, to develop an attitude of unity within the State of Washington toward program development and achievement, to increase the positive attitudes of educator, wrestlers, and the general public toward the art and science of wrestling, to assist with those activities which can be developed in a state wide basis, to provide a system for democratic representation of all competitors, coaches and concerned people in local, state and national organizations and activities dedicated to the sport and continuity of effort as wrestlers and coaches step forward from elementary level to the most advanced and successful endeavor for which they may strive.




USA Wrestling/Washington State Wrestling Association is committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through amateur wrestling based upon the foundation of high moral and ethical standards. USAW/WSWA is committed to providing quality and supportive environments for all those that participate in programs sanctioned by USAW/WSWA.




Participation in activities of USA Wrestling ("USAW")/Washington State Wrestling Association ("WSWA"), including service as a coach, athlete, trainer, administrator, sports medicine personnel, official or volunteer for teams organized, sponsored, or sanctioned by USAW/WSWA and competitions (international or domestic), camps, clinics, exhibitions or appearances for, on behalf of, or in representation of USAW/WSWA, is an honor and a privilege. In consideration of the foregoing, I acknowledge, understand, and agree to abide by and uphold the spirit of this Code of Conduct, which offers a general guide to my conduct. Therefore, I pledge and agree to the following:


1. I will at all times display the conduct expected of me as a representative of USAW/WSWA, act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and conduct myself in a manner that will not in anyway bring disrespect, discredit, or dishonor to either myself, USAW/WSWA or my community, state, country, coaches, athletes, trainers, administrators, sports medicine personnel, officials, volunteers, or other representatives of USAW/WSWA.


2. I will conform to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and any rules, regulations, and codes that may be established for competitions, camps, clinics, exhibitions, appearances, or other events, programs, and activities in which I participate (collectively referred to in this Code of Conduct as "Events"), including those of WSWA/USAW, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles ("FILA"), the United States Olympic Committee ("USOC"), and any organizer of an Event in which I participate.


3. I will respect the property of others, whether personal or public.


4. I will respect members of USAW/WSWA teams and delegations, other teams and delegations, spectators, coaches, trainers, administrators, and officials, and engage in no form of verbal, physical or sexual harassment, or abuse. I will not engage in any inappropriate behavior with athletes, coaches, trainers, administrators, officials, or volunteers, nor will I use or attempt to use my position to exert undue influence or to seek unfair advantage over others, including athletes.


5. I will follow my USAW/WSWA delegation rules including, by way of example, for participation in or attendance at Events, practices, team meetings, travel, accommodations and curfews, official ceremonies, and public relations assignments.





Codes of Behavior



         Participate in amateur wrestling: alcohol, tobacco, and drug free;

         Participate by the rules of the sport;

         Be honest and truthful in all situations;

         Exhibit sportsmanship at all times;

         Maintain a positive image of myself and the sport;

         Always strive to perform at my best;

         Mental Attitude;

Top athletes and psychologists have found that mental attitude is as important to winning as physical condition and skills. When two equally talented athletes are competing, the winner will often be the one with the more positive attitude and the greater desire to win.

         Athletes are responsible for promptly reporting all injuries and medical conditions;



         Provide quality supervision and instruction;

         Be a positive role model;

         Strive to educate myself in all aspects of the sport;

         Be prepared for emergency situations;

         Develop programs that encompass fairness to participants and promotes fair play;

         Provide for a safe environment;



         Maintain a dignified and professional appearance at all times;

         Devote time and effort to the study of the rules and the sport;

         Display impartial, consistent, and courteous behavior;

         Enforce the rules of the sport as prescribed by USAW/USWOA (United States Wrestling Officials Association);


Trainers and Sports Medicine Personnel:

         Maintain a dignified and professional appearance at all times;

         Provide appropriate emergency services at USAW Events;

         Maintain knowledge and skills required;

         Provide confidentiality of records;

         Work professionally to condition athletes to prevent injuries and rehabilitate athletes from injuries;



         Respect the rights of others and treat others with courtesy;

         Perform duties to the best of your ability;

         Positively promote the sport;

         Promote the sport at every level;

         Encourage athletes to perform at their best;

         Respect coaches, athletes, trainers, sports medicine personnel, other administrators, officials and volunteers;

         Encourage alcohol, tobacco, and drug free programs;

         Promote sportsmanship and fair play;

         Applaud performance of athletes;

         Be honest and truthful in all situations;




In addition to the foregoing, but now by way of limitation, the following could result in disciplinary proceedings:


A. Transporting, possession, or illegal use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal drugs, any IOC-banned medication or substances, or any substances or procedures in violation of the USOC National Anti-Doping Program.


B. Any physical damage to facilities, equipment, furnishings, or loss of items in a room where I am lodged, will be paid for by those individuals assigned to the room in which the damage or loss occurs, including willful destruction of property (including that caused by horseplay, fighting, etc.).


C. Any act considered to be an offense under federal, state, or local laws; or a violation of the applicable rules, regulations, or codes of the WSWA, USAW, FILA, the USOC, or the organizer of an Event in which I participate.


D. Gross misconduct (i.e., inappropriate horseplay, theft, fighting, etc.). There will be no foul language, disruptive or rebellious attitudes and behaviors.


E. There will be no body alterations, (i.e. tattoos, body piercing, etc.). There will be no breaking of curfew or disobeying rules. There will be no buying or possession of pornography or suggestive clothing, weapons, or controlled substances.


F. No unauthorized people will be in the athlete's rooms. All visitors must be approved by a member of the coaching staff.


G. At any time for the safety of the athletes, rooms or belongings may be checked and searched.


Disciplinary Action


I realize and understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct I will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the disciplinary procedures of USAW/WSWA; provided that, subject to such procedures as may be applicable, while I am in attendance at an Event, discipline may be imposed by the team or delegation leader or other responsible person(s) at the Event. The consequences of my actions could possibly affect my opportunities to serve as a coach, athlete, trainer, administrator, official, or volunteer for USAW/WSWA and my USAW/WSWA membership in the future. Disciplinary action could include, any one or more of the following, but not be limited to A-G.


A. Dismissal from a USAW/WSWA delegation.


B. Expulsion from an Event and being sent home immediately at the expense of the violator, not sent home but restricted to living quarters, or other restriction or activities.


C. Denial of participation in future Events.


D. Requirements to issue written or verbal apologies.


E. Revocation of accreditation for Events, activities, and/or facilities.


F. Suspension or expulsion from USAW/WSWA or from USAW/WSWA programs and activities.


G. Further disciplinary actions may be imposed by the appeals committee.


How you conduct yourself on and off the mat is the way that everyone will perceive you and also how the community will look upon you and the Washington State Wrestling Association. Conduct yourself as proud coaches, athletes, trainers, administrators, officials, and volunteers.


I have read and accept this Code of Conduct. I recognize that this Code of Conduct does not establish a complete set of rules which prescribes every aspect of appropriate behavior and/or penalties.





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