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WSWA Official's information page

USWOA web site

Tournament guidelines for officialsUpdated 12/6/11

Link to rules and PHOTOS on FS and GR rules for 2012

Videos for officials to review and learn from  Updated 1/15/12

List of M1 and M1C Mat Officials  (Officials start as a M3 then move up over time and experience to M2, M1C and then M1)

Jay Terry - M1

Tony Arredondo - M1

Lewis Hendrickson - M1

Mike Dilworth - M1

Dave Gilbertson - M1

Rob Anderson - M1

M. T. Ayers - M1

John Lane - M1C

Fred Pulphus - M1C

Wayne Jackson - M1C 

James Burchett - M1C
Tom Martin - M1C


List of P1C, P1 & P1E Pairing officials

Karen Ebel P1E
Gina Hendricksen P1E
Sherry Bullard P1
LeeAnn Johnson P1
Kimberly Burchett P1C


USWOA web site with links to get your officials card online, Information on the different official's categories, etc


Washington USAW Officials receive rating upgrades for 2009
M.T. Ayers to M1
James Burchett to M1C
Tom Martin to M1C
Max Aquino to M2
Eugene Hopkins to M2
Hildo Rodriguez to M2
Connie Fakkema to P3


Washington USAW Officials receive rating upgrades for 2008


Randy Lees to M2
M. T. Ayers to M1C 
Wayne Jackson to M1C
Jamie Mitchell to P3
Tammy McMullen to P3
Kaley Velarde to P3
Marijane Hargrave to P2
Suzie Valarde to P2
Kim Burchett to P1C

Chuck Bullard to M2

Kevin Bauer to M2

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