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Recent News and Information   2010-11 Season



Pre-Registration links for 2010-11 tournaments


Junior National Team 2010-11

Cadet National Team 2010-11

 Junior Women's National Team 2010-11


Women's Junior team places 3rd in Freestyle at the 2011 USAW National Duals

Junior National Duals Brackets freestyle

2011 ASICS/USAW Kids Greco Nationals June 27-29

2011 ASICS/USAW Kids Freestyle Nationals June 27-29

Results from GR        Results from FS


Kids Western Regional results  ended June 25th


Junior team places tied for 13th in Greco-Roman and took 25th in Freestyle at the 2011 USAW National Duals

Junior National Duals Brackets Greco

Junior National Duals Brackets freestyle



Cadet team places 9th in Greco-Roman and tied for 13th in Freestyle at the 2011 USAW National Duals

Cadet National Duals Brackets Greco

Cadet National Duals Brackets freestyle

Washington Cadet Team at USAW National Duals after taking 9th place in Greco-Roman


Schoolboy team places 6th in Freestyle and 9th in Greco-Roman at the 2011 USAW National Duals

Schoolboy National Duals Brackets Greco

Schoolboy National Duals Brackets freestyle



On August 27th, 2011, at the Fall General Membership Meeting, we will vote or appoint the following Board Of Director positions.

Reminder: Clubs have one vote. Exception: They may have one additional vote (two total) if there is a current years USWOA Official representing your club present at the meeting. Per By-Laws, any current member in good standing, who is interested in running for a position on the board of directors, must have made notification to the State Chairman 25 days prior to the Fall General Meeting. Current board of directors must make notification to the State Chairperson 25 days prior to the Annual Fall General Membership meeting, each year their position is up for re-election, if they intend to run for the same position on the board of directors for the Washington State Wrestling Association. The current board of directors must make notification to the State Chairperson 25 days prior to the Annual Fall General Membership meeting if they intend on giving up their position on the board of directors or if they intend on running for a different position on the board of directors for the Washington State Wrestling Association. The deadline date to submit interest in any Board Of Director Position this year is: August 2nd, 2011. Send an e-mail to the State Chairperson, Gene Hopkins prior to this deadline date. His e-mail is: hopeu01@comcast.net

Elections Of Directors – August Elections - Odd Years – 2011:

State Chairperson
Pairing Officials Director
Cadet Director
Western Kids Director
Senior / Women’s Director

Appointments By Board Of Directors Every Year:

Promotions Director
Membership Director
Central Travel Director
Website Maintenance Director
WSWA Photographer
Athlete Representatives
(Athlete Representatives Take nominations from floor and via e-mail to the State Chairman prior to the meeting to be voted upon by the board of directors following this meeting - we try to get 1-2 representatives from each region)

Fall General Membership Meeting
Hal Holmes Community Center
209 North Ruby Street
Ellensburg, WA 98926
August 27th, 2011
9 -12 Board Meeting
12-end General Membership Meeting



Deadline date for submitting bid to State Chairman is 60 days before Fall General meeting to all clubs in the Region that event is moving to. After that, if there are no bids, the bidding will be opened up to other Regions.

Clubs have until June 28th, 2011 to send a bid to the State Chairman for the following 2011-2012 State Championships. The bids must come from the Region the tournaments rotate to for next season. If the bids are not received within the deadline date, the other regions will be allowed to bid on them prior to the Fall General Membership Meeting being held, August 27th, 2011. Send an e-mail to the State Chairperson, Gene Hopkins prior to this deadline date. His e-mail is: hopeu01@comcast.net You will want to copy Dave Gilbertson on this e-mail so he can update the WSWA website with the current bids. Dave's e-mail is: DaveG@washingtonwrestlingreport.com

Folkstyle State Championships (2 day event) - PeeWee, Bantam, Midget and Novice on the 1st day and Schoolboy/girl, Cadet, Junior, Cadet Women, Junior Women and Seniors on the 2nd day (TENTATIVELY Scheduled for January 28th & 29th, 2012) - Region TBD
Viper Wrestling Club - HUB Sports Center

Midget through Senior Greco-Roman - (date TBA) - Region III

Kids (PeeWee through Schoolboy/girl) Freestyle - (date TBA) - Region I

Cadet /
Cadet Women  /  Junior / Junior Women's / Senior Freestyle - (date TBA) - Region II
Twin City Wrestling Club


National Team Training Camp 5/28-30/11 in Centralia


2010 - 2011 WSWA Triple Crown Champions:

Brenden Chaowanapibool – Team Agression – 50 Folkstyle; 55 Greco Roman; 50 Freestyle
Isaiah H. Gonzalez – Tri Cities Wrestling Club – 60 Folkstyle; 60 Greco Roman; Freestyle
Jacob Olson – Tri Cities Wrestling Club – 70 Folkstyle; 70 Greco Roman; 75 Freestyle

Brandon Kaylor – Team Aggression – 60 Folkstyle; 60 Greco Roman; 60 Freestyle
James Rogers – North County Bobcats – 80 Folkstyle; 85 Greco Roman; 85 Freestyle
Braedon Orrino – Over Time (OT) – 100 Folkstyle; 100 Greco Roman; Freestyle
Jeremy Smith – Bethal AllStars & Team Aggression – 112 Folkstyle; 112 Greco Roman; 112 Freestyle

Jeremy Nygard – Sabotage Wrestling – 77 Folkstyle; 77 Greco Roman; 77 Freestyle
Victor Almaguer – Victory (Central WA) & Basement Boys – 105 Folkstyle; 105 Greco Roman; 105 Freestyle
Timothy Martinez – Tri Cities Wrestling Club – 112 Folkstyle; 112 Greco Roman; 112 Freestyle
Falani Gill – Takedown Express – 136 Folkstyle; 144 Greco Roman; 136 Freestyle
Dallas Goodpaster – Askeo International & Unattached – 190 Folkstyle; 190 Greco Roman; 210 Freestyle

Matthew Floresca – Wrestling Rhinos – 112 Folkstyle; 112 Greco Roman; 112 Freestyle
Blake Beard – Over Time (OT) – 125 Folkstyle; 125 Greco Roman; 125 Freestyle
Joseph Grable – Deer Park Ironman – 135 Folkstyle; 140 Greco Roman; 140 Freestyle

Sabrina Handlon – Eastside Wrestling Club – 105 Folkstyle; 98 Greco Roman; 98 Freestyle
Matthew Floresca – Wrestling Rhinos – 112 Folkstyle; 112 Greco Roman; 112 Freestyle

Josh Peart – Reality Sports – 163 Folkstyle; 163 Greco Roman; 163 Freestyle

Assignment list for Head Officials Updated 4/27/11


Coaches must have a 2011 USAW Coaches Card and Bronze Certification to coach at State, Regional and National Events. This includes the Folkstyle State Tournament this weekend in Spokane.


2011 WSWA Bronze Clinic Schedule
Saturday morning from 7-10 am at each of the state and regional tournaments and finishing when wrestling starts.
Cost is $60 and you must have your 2011 USA Coaches Card with you and picture ID
Coaches please bring a pencil, pen, and highlighter.
You will receive you coaches pass at the conclusion of the class and will be able to coach on the floor for the tournament.

Remaining Classes
April 30 Greco State in Montesano
May 7 Kids Freestyle State in Spokane
May 14 C-J-W-O Freestyle State Jackson High School


Washington Senior Dual Teams takes first at ORCA Duals in Calif on March 12, 2011



Minutes from the Sept 2010 WSWA meeting


USAW End of year rankings for Washington wrestlers  8/28  Info on National freestyle/GR rankings

WSWA National Team Coach Applications  Due by 3/31/11

WSWA National Team Coach Applications  Due by 3/31/11USA Wrestling - Policy on Abuse and Harassment
WSWA Coaches Code Of Ethics
WSWA Code Of Conduct

To all WSWA Coaches, Officials, and Athletes:

Please take a moment to renew your USA Wrestling Coaches Card or Officials Card for the 2010 - 2011 season.

The following link will take you to the renewal site:


The new season is now here. All Washington State Wrestling Association Members can renew their Coaches, Officials, and Athletes cards online. If you do not remember your password, please email me and I will send it to you.  Please do not just create a new account.   Remember that all members who purchased coaches and officials cards who are 18 years of age or older are required to have a background screening completed through TClogiQ. If you had one last year, it is good for 2 years so you won't need to renew until next season.  You need to complete the background screening process before purchasing your card.  To complete the screening you will need to click on your profile link and then click on the BG Check History link.  There will be a link there that takes you to the TClogiQ website.  Once that is approved you may purchase your USA card.  You will be able to print your card once your background is approved.

If you have any questions during the renewal process for your membership, e-mail me at: KDburchett@aol.com

Washington State Wrestling Association wishes you a very successful wrestling season!

Take care,

Kim Burchett
Washington State Wrestling Association
Membership Director


Bronze Clinic Schedule

(you are required to have a Bronze card to coach at state meet)

2011 WSWA Bronze Clinic Schedule
Classes Starts at 7AM and will finish when wrestling starts.

Schedule to be added later...

You must have passed the background check and have a 2010 USA Wrestling coaches card in your possession.
The cost of the class is $60 cash of check made out to USA Wrestling. Please bring a pencil, pen and highlighter. Please be on time. The class starts at 7:00am and will finish when wrestling starts.


Age and weight group info for 2010-11


Important info about scheduling tournaments


**** IMPORTANT - You must have a USA Card purchased prior to arriving at any WSWA event


New Greco rule that is not in the book



link to purchase new cards and charter a club



Reminder to teams hosting tournaments:  Get your sanctions completed ASAP as only sanctioned tournaments are put on the schedule.  Get your sanctions in early so we can list and promote your tournament.


2010-11 Results (to be added later)

WSWA Cadet. Junior, Jr Women and Senior Freestyle Championships  -  5/10  Spokane, WA   Brackets

WSWA Kids Freestyle Championships  -  5/10  Chehalis, WA  Brackets

Washington State Greco-Roman Championship  -  5/10  Sedro Woolley, WA   Brackets

WIAA Mat Classic Brackets   (State HS Championships)  -  2 /0  Tacoma, WA  Brackets 

WSWA Folkstyle State Wrestling Championships  -  1/10  Spokane, WA    Brackets 



Attached you will find four new logos to be distributed at your convenience.
There is a logo for clubs, affiliates (only to be used the the main state association), events and Junior Olympic Programs.  These logos will should be used by the associated groups instead of using the official USA Wrestling logo.  They have full right to use these logos for non-commercial, non-merchandising purposes.  

Right click with your mouse and select copy - then paste into your document

Club_Logo.JPG (140144 bytes)        Event_Logo.JPG (116714 bytes)        JOP_Logo.JPG (176513 bytes)

Weigh Ins for all WSWA events are from 7-8 a.m. unless otherwise noted on the event schedule page -

Welcome to the 2010-11 Wrestling season.  

Events will be listed in the Schedule page when they become officially sanctioned.  A tentative schedule will also be provided, but will be listed as tentative on the schedule page.  You will need to check back often to ensure the tournament remains on the schedule.  They have been known to be cancelled.  

Our Mission

The objectives of the Washington State Wrestling Association are to promote wrestling at all levels throughout the state of Washington, and to ensure the continuation of, and improve upon, opportunities for safe competition with exposure to various styles of wrestling.  It is the intent that the Washington State Wrestling Association will be able to meet these objectives by creating opportunities in wrestling for competitors of all ages and, along with their coaches, parents, and fans, encourage their continued participation in their sport as they advance through their lives.

The control and direction of the Washington State Wrestling Association shall be placed in the hands of those people who are now working with Washington's wrestlers, and the goals of the Association shall include the development of responsible wrestling administrators from the ranks of the Washington program at the local, state, and national levels who will provide leadership and direction to their membership, to develop an attitude of sincere concern among all coaches toward the improvement of all levels and aspects of wrestling from elementary through Olympic levels of competition, to provide channels of communication within Washington and with the various other states, furthering the exchange of ideas and experience to the benefit of all wrestlers, to develop an attitude of unity within the State of Washington toward program development and achievement, to increase the positive attitudes of educator, wrestlers, and the general public toward the art and science of wrestling, to assist with those activities which can be developed in a state wide basis, to provide a system for democratic representation of all competitors, coaches and concerned people in local, state and national organizations and activities dedicated to the sport of continuity of effort as wrestlers and coaches step forward from elementary level to the most advanced and successful endeavor for which they may strive.

** ATTENTION CLUB WEBSITE ADMINISTRATORS ** - Only use URL Hyper-Links to any information on the WSWA website.  Do Not Copy ANY information from this site and Paste it on your website.  The information on other websites continuously become inaccurate.  The WSWA website is updated on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.  Parents and wrestlers are OFTEN misinformed when your website does not reflect this website’s information.  We receive hundreds of calls and E-Mails from parents and wrestlers who have looked at other site information and want to verify the information with us when it does not match this website.  This website is the only official site for information regarding WSWA USA Sanctioned Events.  Your websites should ONLY be hyper-linked to the information on this website .  This information belongs to the Washington State Wrestling Association – please adjust your websites accordingly ASAP – it is appreciated.  This includes event information, results, pictures or any other WSWA information posted on this website.  If you need any help with putting hyper-links on your club/organization website, please contact the WSWA office and they will be glad to assist you.  Thank you.

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