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General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 11th, 2010

Hal Holmes Community Center

Board Members Present:

Gene Hopkins, Terri Hopkins, Sherry Bullard, Mary Anne Douglas, Suzie Velarde, Kim Burchett,  Jim       Burchett, Ron Beard, Brenton Beard, Luke Leifer, Chris Feist, Jay Terry, Dave Jedlicka, Sean Eckerson, Tony Arredondo

Board Members not present:

Dave Gilbertson, Bobby Freund

Called to Order

Meeting was called to order at 12:17 pm


3D Wrestling Club, Arlington Youth WC, Bear Claw WC, Big Horn WC, East County Cyclones WC, Eastside WC, Elma WC, Ferndale WC, FW Spartans WC, Lynwood WC, Montesano Mad Dogs, Mount Vernon Pit Bulls, NWWC, Sabotage WC, Sammamish Plateau WC, Sedro Woolley Steel claw Wrestling, Skagit Valley Yellow Jackets WC, South West Washington WC, Stevenson Mat Club, Team Spartan, Team Tech Fall WC, Tri Cities WC, Tumwater Freestyle WC, Twin City WC, Victory Wrestling-Yakima Valley, Viper WC, Whidbey Wildcat WC,

Old Minutes

Merle Crocket from SWWWC made the motion to accept the minutes from the August 29th, 2009 General Membership Meeting.  Tom Martin seconded the motion.

The motion was carried unanimously.

Directors’ Reports

State Chairman: Gene Hopkins

Information from the annual chairpersons meeting:

Gene explained that a market study was done about the perception of athletes on how money (dues) is spent from USA wrestling. 

 USAW has two forms of insurance that will cover injuries.  It works as a primary with a 500.00 deductable and a secondary if there is a primary insurance provided.  USA wrestling insurance covers almost everything if correct paperwork is done.  Gene wants to get this information out to families.  There will be new literature coming out in the next 6 weeks.  

 USA wrestling has a long term plan “vision 2016”.  It is changing it’s logo to incorporate Folkstyle. 

 Gene talked about “New Way” wrestling.  This focuses on folkstyle.  The proceeds go right back into local wrestling.  This is only happening in certain states at this time. 

  JOWC has big changes.  There is a new president and new staffing.  There was discussion about card increases.  The price did stay the same this year however. 

  There was a women’s committee formed.  There will be a women’s cadet freestyle division. Women’s Jr. Duals will be at Fargo. 

  Liberty Mutual is a sponsor for USAW and they are giving grants to smaller clubs.  $2500.00 will be granted.  To apply for this clubs need to go to the website and complete a small survey.  This takes about 10 minutes to complete.

  62 % of polled athletes though they were still active members with USAW and did not realize that they actually had to go in and renew their membership every year. 

Coaches:  Jay Terry

823 coach’s cards sold this year.  Folkstyle state had the largest Bronze clinic participants.   Jay wants coaches aware that if their coach’s card does not state their “certification” on their card then they need to contact USAW.

When buying coaches cards the year that background checks are needed renewal the cards can be bought for two years.  This will save 5.00.  The card and the background check will coincide. 

There were 16.5 coaches that went to Nationals this year. 

For Fargo there were 8 for cadets and 8.5 for juniors and 4 for the women.

There were 3 for schoolboy dual team, 3 for the cadet dual team and 3 for the junior dual team. 

Pairings: Sherry Bullard  

Washington State Wrestling Association

Pairing Officials Director Report


There were 67 registered Pairing Officials for the WSWA in the 2009-2010 season.

Congratulations to the following Pairing Officials who passed their P3 Pairing Officials test during the 2009-2010 season:

Kendra Doerge            P3

Terri Hopkins              P3

Tami Wais                   P3

There are 3 other individuals who are currently working on their P3 test.  Next season I anticipate at least 2 individuals who will try for the P2 Upgrade and 1 individual who will try for their P1C upgrade.  I will work with individuals interested in learning how to pair either via e-mail or at local events.

Again this year, Bout Sheet Runners continue to be one of our biggest challenges.  Clubs either don’t recruit enough of them, or they leave when they are bored, wrestling, hungry, etc. and just don’t return.  We frequently get held up at tournaments tracking down bout sheets.  I would like to see clubs have 2 runners for each mat so they can switch the running between each bout.  Not having runners for each mat cannot be continued if events want to run smoothly with no dead mat time.  Floor Security is also an issue.  We need to have clubs have 2-3 people in charge of security and monitoring the floors.  Spectators need to remain in the stands and the floor clear for everyone to enjoy the event and for the event to run efficiently.

We have a couple of individuals now being trained on the east side of the state who, in the next couple of years, will be ready to help run events.  Region 3 has always been a challenge in training pairing officials, so I want to commend those who have stepped up this year.  I went to Eastern Washington 8 times this past season, so I am looking forward to having trained officials over there in the next couple of years.

Beginning with this past season, in order to work at events, Pairing Officials must be assigned to work at our local and State Championship events.  At the beginning of each season, both Folkstyle and Greco / Freestyle, I send an e-mail to all registered WSWA Pairing Officials and a few Idaho Pairing Officials asking them which events they are planning on attending.  From those responses, and based on the past history of the size of events, pairing assignments are made.  Those assignments are then sent out via e-mail to be accepted or declined.   Assignments are made based on various factors including but not limited to:    pairing official category, working at regional and national events, and past support at local events.  This past year, all pairing officials were assigned anywhere from 3-14 events for the Folkstyle Season and 3-14 events for the Freestyle / Greco Season.  With the exception of some club officials who only worked their club event, most Pairing Officials averaged 6-7 per season.

Breakdown for number of assigned pairing officials at each event.  These assignment numbers per event will change based on last year’s event size for the upcoming season.


11/7/09            Whidbey                   4

11/14/09          Lynnwood                  4

11/14/09          Team Spartan              3

11/22/09          Sammamish                 4

11/22/09          Bethel                          3

12/06/09          Big Horn                     3

12/13/09          Sedro                           4

12/13/09          Ephrata                       3

12/19/09          Arlington                      4

12/20/09          Arlington                     4

01/02/10          Burlington                   5

01/10/10          Sedro                           4

01/16/10          Whidbey                       4

01/17/10          Sedro                           3

01/23/10          Lynnwood                  4

01/24/10          Lake Stevens               4

01/24/10          FW Spartans               3

01/24/10          Ephrata                        3                     

01/30/10          Folkstyle State               8

01/31/10          Folkstyle State              8

02/06/10          Bethel                          2

Freestyle / Greco Roman:

02/27/10          Arlington FS & GR           4

02/27/10          Elma                            9

03/06/10          Whidbey                      3

03/06/10          Bear Claw                   6

03/06/10          West Valley                8

03/12/10          Twin City Greco          9

03/13/10          Twin City FS              12

03/14/10          Twin City Folkstyle       7

03/20/10          Raymond                      3

03/20/10          North Central              4

03/27/10          Sedro                           4

03/27/10          BattleGround FS             9 (not an assigned event)       

03/28/10          BattleGround Greco       10 (not an assigned event)

04/03/10          Lynnwood                  5

04/03/10          Adna                           4

04/03/10          Viper                           6

04/10/10          Ferndale                       4

04/10/10          Washougal FS & GR  4

04/17/10          Northshore FS & GR  4

04/17/10          3D FS & GR               6

04/17/10          Tri Cities FS & GR         3

04/24/10          Whidbey                       3

04/24/10          Tumwater FS & GR         5

04/24/10          Big Horn FS & GR           5

05/01/10          Greco State                 6

05/08/10          Kids FS State              6

05/15/10          C/J/JW/S FS State         7

At 10 of the FS and Greco events, pairing officials showed up to work who were not assigned.  For this next season, if they are not assigned, they will not be allowed to work unless the event requires the help and the Head Pairing Official for that event approves it.

Each person that wants to work on the computers needs to take, and pass, the P3 National Pairings Test.

Here is to a great 2010-2011 season!

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherry Bullard

Pairing Officials Director

Washington State Wrestling Association

Membership:  Kim Burchett 

WSWA Membership Report

                          September 11, 2010 

Clubs Chartered For the 2009-2010 Season:

127 (110 last year)

Tournaments Sanctioned for the 2009-2010 Season:

43 (35 last year)

Cards Sold for the 2009-2010 Season:

Athlete                                    5029 (4592 last year, 4282 2007-2008 season)

Coaches                                   823 (794 last year, 697 2007-2008 season)

Officials Memberships            183 (158 last year, 198 2007-2008 season)

Other Information:

1.  USA Wrestling did not increase the price of items this year so all fees for cards, charters and sanctions will stay the same for the 2010-2011 season.:

Athlete Cards:           $37.00

Coaches Cards:         $42.00

Club Charters:          $140.00 (base prices without insurance)

Purchasing a charter does not include insurance; you must select the option to add club insured during the process to have the $20.00 insurance added to have your site protected.  Event sanctions have this option included in the price, club charters do not.

Insurance for Charter:         $20.00 each site

Event Sanctions: $115.00 for one style one day. 

If you have more than one style OR have more than one day, an additional $75.00 will be charged for each style OR each additional day to cover the Trackwrestling fees assessed to WSWA.


1)  There is a one day event that has both FS and GR - the charge would be $115.00 for the first style and $75.00 for the second.

2)  There is a three day event that has GR the first day, FS the second day and Folkstyle the third day - the charge would be $115.00 for the first day and style, $75.00 for the second day and style and $75.00 for the third day and style.

2.  Starting this year, USA Wrestling is offering a 2-year Coaches and Officials Card.  The benefit to this is that you save the $4.75 processing fee that is assessed and you only have to do the whole background/ purchasing of your card every other year.  If this is your first time doing a background check and purchasing either a coaches or officials card, I recommend that you purchase that 2-year card.  However, many coaches and officials did their background checks last season (they are good for two years) so you don’t need to do the background again this year.  In this case, purchase a one year card this year and then next year when you are due for a new background check, it would be a good idea to then purchase the 2-year coaches or officials card. If you completed your screening in the 2008-2009 season, you will need to do your screening this season, so it would also be a good time to purchase the 2-year card.  You will not be able to print your coaches card or officials card until this screening is completed.  The screening can take a few days to complete so don’t wait until the last minute.  You will be prompted to complete the screening after you have purchased your officials or coaches card.

3.  Clubs need to ensure that a USA card has been purchased by every athlete and coach who steps on a practice mat before they are on the mat.  No exceptions.  The wrestlers can get hurt on the first practice and they are NOT covered.

4.  All cards – Coaches and Athletes are sold online in Washington.  You need to purchase yours early in case there are problems with the records online.  Cards for the 2010-2011 season were available September 1st, 2010.  They are good until August 31st, 2011.

5.  All individuals who purchase a Club Charter or Event Sanction online will need to complete a background check prior to approval. 

6.  All WSWA Board members also need to renew their background screening if they do not have a current background completed from last season.

7.  Remember the deadline dates for the Event sanctions per the By-Laws. Information that pertains to sanctioning events are included below:


All events conducted under the auspices and control of the Washington State Wrestling Association shall be sanctioned by the Washington State Wrestling Association and, where applicable, the United States Wrestling Association, and must meet the following requirements:

1. All participants shall be registered members of the United States Wrestling Association.

2. A United States Wrestling Association sanction form must be completed online, along with submitting the correct sanction fees and background screenings, such that it may be approved by and forwarded to the National Office a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.  The following deadline dates must be met for any WSWA tournament sanction to be approved:  For the WSWA Folkstyle season, all clubs who scheduled events at the Fall General Membership meeting must have their sanctions and fees submitted and approved no later than September 30th of each year.  After September 30th, if an event is not approved, the first club in that specific region to e-mail a request to the Membership Director and submit all required paperwork and fees by October 15th, will be allowed to have an event for that date on the WSWA Folkstyle schedule.  After October 15th of each year, there will be no events added to the Folkstyle Schedule.  For the Freestyle and Greco Roman Season, all clubs who scheduled events at the Fall General Membership meeting must have their sanctions and fees submitted and approved no later than December 31st of each year.  After December 31st, if an event is not approved, the first club in that specific region to e-mail a request to the Membership Director and submit all required paperwork and fees by January 31st, will be allowed to have an event for that date on the WSWA Freestyle and Greco Roman schedule.  After January 31st of each year, there will be no events added to the Freestyle and Greco Roman Schedule.  For the WSWA post-season, which is defined as being after completion of all WSWA Freestyle and Greco Roman State Championships, any club can submit a sanction and fees and obtain approval for an event no later than a deadline of April 15th of that year. 

8. Clubs who wish to host a sanctioned Washington State Wrestling Association / USA Wrestling event must have both a current year licensed Mat Official and a current year licensed Pairing Official associated with the club, and they both must be available to work the hosted event in order to receive approval for the sanctioned event.  The club Mat and Pairing officials must be age 18 years of age or older and must work at the designated job for the entire duration of the event.  If it has been determined that this requirement was not followed, the club will be penalized a fee of $100.00 payable to the Washington State Wrestling Association for each club official that has not completed their job duties.  If there is a reoccurrence by the same club, the club will lose the ability to have an event sanction for the following year.

 I would ask that any clubs sanctioning a folkstyle event to please submit your sanction as soon as possible (preferably today).  Due to the fall meeting being a few weeks later this year, that only gives clubs 19 days to get their sanctions approved.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  The tournament director and the mat and pairing officials must all have their backgrounds completed and the mat and pairing official must have their USA cards purchased for me to approve the sanction. 

I am looking forward to another great year of wrestling in Washington.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kim Burchett


Deputy Director:  Jim Burchett

87 athletes went to Fargo this year.  This year we moved away from athletes making their own travel arrangements.  Travel Director was a huge help. 

Eastern Washington Camp was a success.  Mrs, Grabel was a great parent volunteer helping with injuries.  Cadet and Junior directors ran the practices.  Clinician was wonderful.  Complaints that came in were that the state was not providing transportation to the airport from Spokane to Seattle.  Parents need to be educated that the athletes are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport.  The state subsidiary reduced the costs for Fargo by $200.00.  This came out of the general fund and $2.00 fee per athlete.  Discussed the use of the money to athletes that attend local tournaments.  Hoping this gets the older athletes to the local tournaments. 

Cadet Freestyle Results: 36 athletes

105 - Jake Konzal 5th place

130-Joe Grable 8th place

160- Tyler Coates 2nd place

171- Jordan Rogers 1st place

215- Jimmy Trull 7th place

Cadet Greco- Roman Results: 36 athletes

91- Josh Newberg 5th place

91- Wyatt Scribner 8th place

119- Jake Velarde 3rd place

160- Tyler Coates 1st place

171- Jordan Rogers 1st place

285- Ian Bolstad 6th place

Junior Greco Roman Results: 30 athletes

105- Ruben Navejas- 6th place

140- Chris Mayolo-6th place

145- Chris Castillo-6th place

285- Kabe Fluiat- 5th place

Women’s Freestyle Junior Nationals: 19 athletes

95-Sabrina Handlon-6th place

102-Lauren Richardson-5th place

146- Kaylee Carr- 4th place

165- Chantelle Bailey- 7th place

165- Faith Wasmund- 4th place

165- Lilia Gudzyuk- 2nd place

190- Elizabeth (Jade) Paterson- 5th place

220-Jamila Culcleasure- 4th place

 Uniforms designs- please submit any ideas to Jim Burchett for the Board of Directors to review.

Jim stated that Washington is still one of the cheapest states for their National Team expenses.  Talking to some states that were at Fargo we are the least expensive for our athletes.  Merle mentioned that the kids can fundraise to raise funds for their trips.  There was discussion about how other states help their kids fund the team expenses. 

It was discussed also that kids that referee could use that money towards their national team funding.  There are different suggested ways to do this.  One was that the kids get cards signed by tournament director and that money will go to them for national team fund.  Nothing was decided this was just ideas.

Mat Official: Tony Arredondo

Washington had 183 officials this year.  We were ranked 4th in the nation.  A lot of officials were turned away because of too many officials.  Not really sure how it will be this year.  We want to encourage young officials to stay.   Discussed a mentor in each region. Each club needs to have 1 official.  Students cannot upgrade until they are out of high school.  Suggestions that were made:  Bump up dues to 10.00 to put in fund for officials that are going to attend nationals.  Coaches that are officiating and coaching get paid less to individual but the money will go into fund.  Wrestlers that are wrestling get paid a lesser amount.

Treasurer report:  Mary Anne Douglas (reports presented)

There was a lot of lost money-the main reason is the women’s dual team airfare that did not get used.  Travel is the biggest expense.  Ideas would be appreciated to save money for the state and the athletes. 

West Kids Director:  Sean Eckerson

Schoolboy dual team head coach.  Freestyle they took 2nd place.  The kids did a great job.  Chandler Rogers was undefeated in both styles.  Ryan Christensen also did very well. 

East Kids Director: Ron Beard

Western Regionals registration was through Trackwrestling.  Some athletes were putting incorrect information.  Washington took 3rd in Folkstyle, 3rd in Freestyle, and 3rd in Greco. 

Kids Nationals – Washington took 3rd in Greco and 4th in Freestyle.  Rankings come from trackwrestling.  Western Regionals will be a qualifying tournament for cadets for nationals this year.  Tour of America will be coming to Spokane November 26th, 2010.  Need to get training for athletes up.  What is out there and what is available.  Les Gutches will come do a free clinic.  Dates that are possible are October 30th and November 20th.

Juniors:  Luke Leifer

Talked about training camps that are available to any wrestlers that are attending duals or Fargo. 

Cadets: Chris Feist

Cadet duals went 4-4 Greco and 3-4 Freestyle.  Will work to recruit top kids for the dual teams. 

Fargo Greco team WA took 8th.  Tyler Coates received Outstanding Wrestler for Greco and was athlete of the week for USAW.  Jordon Rogers went to Mexico and won Pan American games and then went to Singapore and placed 2nd at Youth Olympic Games.  3 Washington athletes have been athlete of the week for USAW.

Travel Director:  Terri Hopkins

Team ticket usage:

Looking into costs for national team.  Looking into chartered bus. That will be extra time and lost time for kids to prepare for the event.  Still looking into options. 

Promotions Director:  Bethany Lamb

Will be working on ways to earn money for WSWA.  She will try and get sponsors for national team wrestlers.  Will look into a license plate for vehicles.  She will see if the state will allow this and will give a percent back to the state. She will need 3000 signatures to make a proposal to the state.  She will have sign up sheets at the tournaments.  ?? Sponsorships on singlets.  She will look into this and see what company’s are willing to support. 

Photographer: Dave Jedlicka

He will be back this year taking photos.

State Chairman:  Gene Hopkins

Women’s will participate in duals in Fargo.  There will also be a womens’ cadet freestyle team.  They will weigh in once and will need to compete in Junior freestyle tournament.  If cadet is participating in juniors then must be in 9th grade. Cadet can talk to director and move to the Junior division if she wants too. 

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Looking into possibility of doing matside score entry.  Scales would be connected to computers. Preregistration is most encouraged. WSWA has a face book page. 


  Deputy Director- Jim Burchett

  Mat Officials-Tony Arredondo

  Junior Director: Luke Leifer

  E. Kids director: Ron Beard

  Treasurer:  Mary Anne Douglas

  Coaches Director:  jay Terry

Tom Martin makes a motion to accept appointments.

Merle Crocket 2nd's motion.

Motion was carried unanimously      

Craig Hansen had a proposal for the state folkstyle championships in Spokane.  HUB regional sports center has areas for tickets, concessions, sales etc. Has a large area for mats (full size).  Seating for 3000.  There is a warm up area, pairings area, officials resting area.  Craig Hansen states that clubs from the area will be available to assist.  He also stated that possibly 10.00 from the 25.00 entry fee can go back to the state instead of the 5.00 that is the usual.  Nothing else will change. This proposal is for 4 years with the 1st year being reviewed by the board and decided for the next 3 years. Spokane is trying to grow wrestling and they are hoping this will help the community.  This will be a change in rotating regions.  It will be considered a “Spokane Region Event”.   Tour of America will be in Spokane area this year as well.   The state tournament will be January 29, 2011.

Sherry Bullard made a motion to accept combined folkstyle state tournament to 1 day in January with probation.  B.O.D will review after 1st year and decide if this will be continued. 

M.T. Ayers seconds the motion

Motion was carried unanimously

NW Regional tournament is up forbid next year.  Les Gutches is now on staff for USAW.  Possible that tournament could be moved to Corvalis.  Merle suggests bidding on that if we can get a facility.  It will go back to the region if it does not work out. 

Suggestion that state tournaments should be a fundraiser for the state not clubs.

Dave Gilberton (not present) had representatives – Mark Kay and Manny Brown from Liberty High School to present the Senior Dual Team.  They are looking for the go ahead to put together a team of High School Seniors.  There will be 14 participants- the top seniors in Washington.  Jay had a question about the costs.  Clothing-uniforms have been offered to be donated.  50% of costs of hotels would be paid for teams and discounted for spectators.  This must be sanctioned by WSWA.  Chris Feist had a concern about the dual teams being effected.  He is worried that kids will lose interest. 

Randy Lees motioned for WSWA to authorize endorsement of a Senior Allstar  Wrestling Team to participate in the CA-OR duals. 

Lewis 2nd motion

Motion was carried unanimously

Purposed tournament schedule for 2010-2011:


Saturday  11/06/10  Region 1  Whidbey Wildcat Salute o the Veterans

Saturday  11/06/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  11/06/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    11/07/10  Region 1 WWKWL Pre Season (Whidbey)

Sunday    11/07/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    11/07/10  Region 3  Open

Saturday  11/13/10  Region 1  Sabatoge

Saturday  11/13/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  11/13/10  Region 3  Team Spartan (North Central)

Sunday    11/14/10  Region 1  Open

Sunday    11/14/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    11/14/10  Region 3  Open

Saturday  11/20/10  Region 1  Open

Saturday  11/20/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  11/20/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    11/21/10  Region 1  WWKWL Mid Season (Sammamsh)

Sunday    11/21/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    11/21/10  Region 3  Open

Fri & Sat  11/26-27/10             Region 3  Northwest Bigfoot Battle - USA Wrestling Folkstyle Tour Of America (Spokane)

Saturday  11/27/10  Region 1  Open

Saturday  11/27/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  11/27/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    11/28/10  Region 1  Open

Sunday    11/28/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    11/28/10  Region 3  Open

Saturday  12/04/10  Region 1  Open

Saturday  12/04/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  12/04/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    12/05/10  Region 1  Ferndale

Sunday    12/05/10  Region 2  Centralia

Sunday    12/05/10  Region 3  Big Horn (Riverside)

Saturday  12/11/10  Region 1  Open

Saturday  12/11/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  12/11/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    12/12/10  Region 1  Sedro Woolley

Sunday    12/12/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    12/12/10  Region 3  Ephrata

Saturday  12/18/10  Region 1  Arlington

Saturday  12/18/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  12/18/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    12/19/10  Region 1  WWKWL Mid Season (Arlington)

Sunday    12/19/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    12/19/10  Region 3  Open

Saturday  12/25/10  Region 1  Open

Saturday  12/25/10  Region 2  Open

Saturday  12/25/10  Region 3  Open

Sunday    12/26/10  Region 1  Open

Sunday    12/26/10  Region 2  Open

Sunday    12/26/10  Region 3  Open

Saturday  01/01/11  Region 1  Open

Saturday  01/01/11  Region 2  Open

Saturday  01/01/11  Region 3  Open

Sunday    01/02/11  Region 1  Skagit Valley Yellowjacket Holiday Folkstyle Classic

Sunday    01/02/11  Region 2  Open

Sunday    01/02/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  01/08/11  Region 1  Washington Classic Qualifier (Arlington)

Saturday  01/08/11  Region 2  Open

Saturday  01/08/11  Region 3  Open

Sunday    01/09/11  Region 1  WWKWL Mid Season (Sedro Woolley)

Sunday    01/09/11  Region 2  Open

Sunday    01/09/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  01/15/11  Region 1  Whidbey

Saturday  01/15/11  Region 2  Open

Saturday  01/15/11  Region 3  Open

Sunday    01/16/11  Region 1  WWKWL Mid Season (Whidbey)

Sunday    01/16/11  Region 2  Open

Sunday    01/16/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  01/22/11  Region 1  Lynnwood

Saturday  01/22/11  Region 2  Open

Saturday  01/22/11  Region 3  Open

Sunday    01/23/11  Region 1  WWKWL Championships (Lynnwood)

Sunday    01/23/11  Region 2  FW Spartans (Todd Beamer)

Sunday    01/23/11  Region 3  Ephrata

Sat & Sun                01/29-30/11             Region 3  Washington State Folkstyle Championships (Could be 1 or 2 days – TBA)  (HUB Spokane)

Freestyle and Greco Roman:

Saturday  02/26/11  Region 1  Open

Saturday  02/26/11  Region 2  Elma FS

Saturday  02/26/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  03/05/11  Region 1  Sabatoge FS & GR

Saturday  03/05/11  Region 2  FW Spartans FS & GR

Saturday  03/05/11  Region 3  West Valley FS

Saturday  03/12/11  Region 1  Open

Saturday  03/12/11  Region 2  South County Scuffle (Bear Claw) FS & GR

Saturday  03/12/11  Region 3  Team Spartans FS

Saturday  03/19/11  Region 1  Open

Fri/Sat/Sun               03/18-20/11             Region 2  Twin City 3-Style Classic (GR Friday, FS Saturday & Folkstyle Sunday)

Saturday  03/19/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  03/26/11  Region 1  Sedro Woolley FS

Fri/Sat/Sun               03/25-27/11             Region 2  Tom Shaw Memorial Northwest Cadet and Junior Regionals (FS Saturday and GR Sunday)

Saturday  03/26/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  04/02/11  Region 1  Open

Saturday  04/02/11  Region 2  Adna Attack FS (Twin City)

Saturday  04/02/11  Region 3  Viper Quad State FS

Saturday  04/09/11  Region 1  Ferndale FS

Saturday  04/09/11  Region 2  Washougal FS & GR

Saturday  04/09/11  Region 3  Open

Saturday  04/16/11  Region 1  Open

Sat & Sun                04/16-17/11             Region 2  3D (Auburn Mountainview)    GR Saturday & FS Sun

Saturday  04/16/11  Region 3  Tri Cities FS & GR

Saturday  04/23/11  Region 1  Open

Saturday  04/23/11  Region 2  Tumwater FS & GR

Saturday  04/23/11  Region 3  Big Horn (Riverside) FS & GR

Saturday  04/30/11  Region 2  Washington State Greco Roman Championships (Montesano)

Saturday  05/07/11  Region 3  Washington State Kids FS Championships (Viper – Spokane)

Saturday  05/14/11  Region 1  Washington State Cadet, Junior, Junior Women and Senior FS State Championships (Sabotage – Marysville)


Jay Terry made the motion to adjourn at 4:10

Tom Martin seconded the motion

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