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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2010

Hal Holmes Community Center, Ellensburg, WA



Board Members Present:

Gene Hopkins, Terri Hopkins, Sherry Bullard, Mary Anne Douglas, Suzie Velarde, Kim Burchett,  Jim Burchett, Ron Beard, Brenton Beard, Luke Leifer, Chris Feist, Jay Terry, Dave Jedlicka, Sean Eckerson, Tony Arredondo

Board Members not present:

Dave Gilbertson, Bobby Freund

Call to Order

Gene Hopkins called meeting to order at 9:05.

Old Minutes

The minutes from the August 29th, 2009 BOD meeting were reviewed by the BOD.  Motion was made by Gene Hopkins to adopt the minutes from the August 29th, 2009 BOD meeting.  Jay Terry seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.

Director’s report:

Gene explained that a market study was done about the perception of athletes on how money (dues) is spent from USA wrestling.   Insurance covers injuries now; USA wrestling insurance covers almost everything if correct paperwork is done.  Gene wants to get this information out to families.  There will be new litature coming out in the next 6 weeks.   USA wrestling long term plan “vision 2016”.  Changing logo to incorporate folkstyle.  Gene talked about “New Way” wrestling.  This focuses on folkstyle.  Proceeds go right back to local wrestling.  This is only happening in certain states at this time. 

JOWC has big changes.  There is a new president and new staffing.  There was discussion about card increases.  The price did stay the same this year however. 

There was a women’s committee formed.  There will be a women’s cadet freestyle division. Women’s Jr. Duals will be at Fargo. 

Liberty Mutual is a sponsor for USAW and they are giving grants to smaller clubs.  $2500.00

Treasurer Report:

See attached for fiscal report.

Mary Anne discussed athlete to coach ratio should  determine how many coaches should go.  This year there were fewer athletes but more coaches.  She also recommended $1.00 be moved to coaches fund from the general fund that the state gets from the $47.00 coaches card.  WA gets 22.75 back from the 47.00 .  There was discussion as whether or not the money that is paid for coaches card sales should go to coaches.  At this time only $5.00 goes to the coach’s fund.

Motion was made to keep the 5.00 and that will go towards coach’s education only.  Coach’s stipend comes out of general fund not the coach’s fund.

The dual teams costs more this year.

  -There were airline tickets not used. Example was women’s dual team. 

 - 10 Junior Duals tickets did not get used. 

 - Uniforms costs were $20,000.00 more this year.

$2.00 fund- clubs have concerns about what the money goes towards. 

Sherry Bullard suggested that kids that attend local tournaments and state tournaments should get money from the fund.  Kids should have to “qualify” to get funds.   Jay Terry suggests to “keeping it simple”.  Does there need to be a decision?  Jim Burchett will do a formula to figure out the best approach and send out to all board members for decision.   Sherry Bullard purposes that uses of funds for kids that attend local events should be used towards USA nationals.  Mary Ann presents to board that there will be a participation criteria to athletes that attend local events. 

Battleground (NW REGIONALS)

State pays for gifts- clubs pay for hotels for officials.  

The social is part of the contract for the regional event- it is a way to say “thank you”.  Tony Arrodondo usually tries to get gifts donated.

Mary Anne is concerned about the use of debit cards.  Sherry suggests that if there is discrepancy then the treasurer should discuss with the state chairperson.   Mary wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  Chris Feist suggests a document be produced to determine what should be paid and what should not.  There needs to be guidelines.   Whoever does have the debit cards should always: Keeps receipts and submit to Mary within 2 days.  If there is a need for reimbursement then the receipts are required whether a debit card was used or personal money was used.  Each director should have a card.   Gene Hopkins, Mary Anne Douglas, Ron Beard, Jim Burchett and Sean Eckerson will write a draft for a debit card policy and submit to the board for review.

Communication needs to be more clear and communicated through the Board of Directors. 

$50.00 more money was paid per athlete for uniforms because of better quality and the athletes received more items. 

Jay Terry moves to accept treasurer report.  Mary Anne will clarify the stats for the second day of the state tournament. 

Ron Beard seconds motion. 

The motion was carried unanimously.   

New Business:

Terri Hopkins checked into traveling to Fargo on buses.  It would be a cost of 25,000.00.  Savings would be 175.00 per athlete and 162.00 for vans.  Total savings would be 337.00 per athlete.  Jay Terry states that this has been done in the past- it is not a good idea.  There is time lost for the kids.  The kids get fatigued and lethargic.  Terri is working on the price of a chartered plane.  Everyone would have to go at the same time.  It was discussed that maybe the kids could fly straight from Spokane after the camp.  Promotions director could ask airlines if WSWA could get a discounted price.  Rental cars for referees at Fargo was discussed.  Went well this year for them as they were able to leave if needed.  It was decided that they will get rental cars next year.  Total of 4 cars for WSWA Fargo staff. 5 vans for athletes. Tickets will be purchased by the travel director.  Any special arrangements that are needed need to be submitted to Terri Hopkins- travel director.  It is ok for staff to purchase their kids tickets so they can be on the same flight as parents. 

Craig Hansen had a proposal for the state folkstyle championships in Spokane.  HUB regional sports center has areas for tickets, concessions, sales etc. Has a large area for mats (full size).  Seating for 3000.  There is a warm up area, pairings area, officials resting area.  Craig Hansen states that clubs from the area will be available to assist.  He also stated that possibly 10.00 from the 25.00 entry fee can go back to the state instead of the 5.00 that is the usual.  Nothing else will change. This proposal is for 4 years with the 1st year being reviewed by the board and decided for the next 3 years.  Spokane is trying to grow wrestling and they are hoping this will help the community.  This will be a change in rotating regions.  It will be considered a “Spokane Region Event”.  This will be brought to the General Membership Meeting to discuss. 

Tour of America will be in Spokane area this year.

Dave Gilbertson (absent) has a proposal about a Washington State Senior Wrestling Dual Team.  There are concerns about too many tournaments for the kids. Concerns it will take away from the Junior Duals team because kids will not be able to afford all these tournaments.  Concerns that it would hurt the state tournaments.

Jay moved to table this until we can get more information.

Sherry seconds.

This will be discussed at General Membership meeting with representatives to answer questions. 

There will not be a local tournament during the Senior State Tournament on 2/26/2010. 

Freestyle season will start 3/5/2011.  Tournaments will be moved forward a week. 

Question came up as to where plaques for National Teams go.  Suggested that it be an incentive for the following years team. 


Promotions Director-Bethany Lamb

Bethany approached in February about the open position.  She wants to be more involved with the bigger picture.  She does community marketing through her employment and other sports clubs. She is interested in helping raise funds for WSWA.  She has a few idea’s, examples are sponsorships and vehicle license plates.  She is hoping that Washington State would allow the license plate and would give a percent of the proceeds back to WSWA.

Travel Director:  Terri Hopkins

Photographer:  Dave Jedlicka

Website Maintenance:  Dave Gilbertson

Membership Director: Kim Burchett

Jay Terry moved to accept appointments.

Mary Anne Douglas seconds motion

Decision was carried unanimously

Gene Hopkins requested a regular phone meeting once a month.  It will be on the first Sunday at 6pm.  Next meeting will be 10/3/2010. 

He will send a reminder and an agenda before meeting. 

Mary Anne Douglas motioned to adjourn at 5:08

Jay Terry seconded.

Motion was carried unanimously.

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