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You must have a USA Card purchased prior to arriving at any WSWA event.  The cards not NOT sold at tournaments.

You have to buy them online.

Go to:


If you had a card last year, all the member id numbers (login ids) changed since the National office went with a new company this year.  You need to have your login information e-mailed to you.  That is an option you will see when you get to the site above.

If you did not purchase a card last year, you will create a new account.

If you have problems getting your login information, e-mail me.  Don't create a new account or it causes issues getting the card especially for coaches who did a background screening the previous year.

Any questions, e-mail me at  SherryBullard@comcast.net

Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your card.

You must have the card in hand when you weigh in.  You will be asked to see it a couple of times.  Make sure you print several copies and keep one in your bag, one in your glove box, one in your wallet, etc...


Sherry Bullard
Membership Director 2009
Washington State Wrestling Association

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