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General Membership Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2008

Hal Holmes Community Center, Ellensburg, WA 

Board Members present:   

Chuck Bullard, Sherry Bullard, Mary Douglas, Dave Gilbertson, Kim Burchett, Merle Crockett, Jim Burchett, Tony Arredondo, Dave Jedlicka, , Mike Cuzzetto, and Jay Terry. 

Board Members not present:  Craig Hanson, Terri Hopkins, and Gene Hopkins. 

Call to Order 

Meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm. 


Bear Claw, Big Horn Wrestling Club, Spokane West Valley (formerly Central Valley Wrestling Club), Elma, Ferndale, Korum YMCA Mustangs Wrestling Club, Lynnwood, Moses Lake, NWWC, Puyallup Wrestling Club, Sedro Woolley Steelclaw Wrestling, Sons of Thunder, SWWWC, Team Tech-Fall, Tumwater Wrestling Club, Twin City, USA Everett, Whidbey Wildcat Wrestling Club were in attendance.  There was a quorum of club members present, so business could be conducted. 

Old Minutes 

Chris Feist of Bear Claw made a motion to accept the minutes from the May 3, 2008 General Membership meeting.  Jeremy Mast of Sedro Woolley seconded to approve the minutes.  The motion was carried unanimously

Directors’ Reports 

                Membership - Sherry Bullard

Clubs chartered so far this year:
Approved                              103          Total clubs who didn’t complete required background screening:                             2

Tournaments sanctioned so far this year:
Approved                              35

Cards Sold so far this year:
Athlete:                                  4282
Coaches approved               697          Total coaches who didn’t complete required background screening:                        28
Foreign Athletes:                 59           
Officials approved               198          Total officials who didn’t complete required background screening:                         3
Background Screenings

Total applied for                                                   833
Total initially denied by Tclogiq                       84

Total WSWA approved after initial decline    58

Total Withdrawn by TcLogiq                            7

Total WSWA declined after appeal                  19

Other information:

The membership database for USA Wrestling changed to another company.  When you go to purchase your new membership for the 2008-2009 season (after August 31st, 2008), you will need to have your login id and password e-mailed to you before you can login if you had a membership last year.  The password should still be the same, but the login id's have been changed.  If you have any questions, e-mail me at SherryBullard@comcast.net

You will use the online application to renew your charters and apply for event sanctions.  You can do this once you get your new login for your account.

The Background Screening process has been implemented nationwide for all USA Wrestling members.  If you had a screening last year, for Washington only, it is still good for this season.  Any Coach or Official who was under the age of 18 last year and have since turned 18 years of age, when they renewed their membership will be required to go

through a background screening.  Once you purchase your membership, a link will be available to start your screening.  NOTE:  You must be logged into your membership account to do the screening.  If you are doing them in bulk for your club you will need to log into their account.  If you don't, the screening will not be matched to the correct record in the membership database and it will take quite a long time to get them sync'd up again.

Remember, we have passed by-law changes at our Spring meeting with new deadline dates for getting your event sanctions approved - no sanctions will be approved after the deadline dates.

2. A United States Wrestling Association sanction form must be completed online, along with submitting the correct sanction fees and background screenings, such that it may be approved by and forwarded to the National Office a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. The following deadline dates must be met for any WSWA tournament sanction to be approved: For the WSWA Folkstyle season, all clubs who scheduled events at the Fall General Membership meeting must have their sanctions and fees submitted and approved no later than September 30th of each year. After September 30th, if an event is not approved, the first club in that specific region to e-mail a request to the Membership Director and submit all required paperwork and fees by October 15th , will be allowed to have an event for that date on the WSWA Folkstyle schedule. After October 15th of each year, there will be no events added to the Folkstyle Schedule. For the Freestyle and Greco Roman Season, all clubs who scheduled events at the Fall General Membership meeting must have their sanctions and fees submitted and approved no later than December 31st of each year. After December 31st. if an event is not approved, the first club in that specific region to e-mail a request to the Membership Director and submit all required paperwork and fees by January 31st, will be allowed to have an event for that date on the WSWA Freestyle and Greco Roman schedule. After January 31st of each year, there will be no events added to the Freestyle and Greco Roman Schedule

Pairings – Sherry Bullard and Mary Douglas.  Last season we used the computer program at all but 2 events.  (One of those two was the Lynnwood tournament that was a senior project for a wrestler and was sanctioned less than a week before it took place - was opposite Battleground).  We have been training new pairing officials to run events on their own and hopefully will be ready to run all events on computer this coming season.  We have purchased and set up enough equipment to run all 3 regions each weekend.  Region 3 is the weakest region in regards to having pairing officials.  We need to identify someone in that Region who is willing to travel to all events in that region every weekend and train them to set up the network and run the events.  Both of us (Mary Ann and Sherry) are willing to travel to region 3 to train someone who is ready to step up and run events.

Our biggest issue last year was bout sheet runners at events.  We know kids get tired, but when the runners disappear or there are too few to start with, the tournament doesn't flow continuously.  TrackWrestling allows us to run faster events so the job of a bout sheet runner is very important.  We would like to see 2 runners for every mat.  That way one can take a break while the other is running.  Having 1 for every 2 - 4 mats does not work as the program requires the bout sheets to come back in the order they go out or we cannot continue on to print the next set.  (This is no different than pairing on paper brackets.  Without knowing the winner of each bout, we don't know who to match up next round).  When planning an event, please ensure that you have 2 bout sheet runners for every mat well in advance of the event.

If you are hosting the event, your Pairing Official must work the event at the pairing table for the entire tournament.  They need to be there when the computers arrive for set up and not leave until the event is complete.   The person running the event should not be the same person as the Pairing or Mat Official.  This happened TOO MUCH this year!

We are implementing a new system for new officials.  If they want to pair on the computers, they need to be at least a category P3.   We need pairing officials who know how bracketing works in order to answer questions and start up the ladder to running events.  If they are not a P3 and want to work at events, we will have them practice by doing hand brackets and/or the upgrade test during the event, but they will not be compensated until they have passed the P3 exam.

We had Pairing Officials represent our state at ALL Western Regional and National events this year.   Thanks for representing us!

Congrats! to the following Pairing Officials for their upgrades this year:

Kim Burchett    upgraded to P1C
MJ Hargrave     upgraded to P2
Suzie Velarde   upgraded to P2  

We appreciate all of those who have stepped up this year to volunteer.

Mat Official- Tony Arredondo  The following mat officials received their upgrades this year:  Rob Anderson to M1, Jim Burchett to M2, Tom Martin to M2.  Mat officials were assigned to Regionals and Nationals  Head mat officials were also assigned to give experience and to also encourage and motivate other that are becoming move involved.  We were well represented by our mat officials at regional and national events this year.  8 were sent to Western Regionals, 4 to Fargo Nationals, 2 to Kids Nationals, 1 to Schoolboy duals, 1 to Cadets duals, and 1 to Jr duals.  For the 2008-2009 season, 4 officials are up for upgrades.  Jay Terry- mat official was chosen to work the Olympic Trials.  Mat Official, Tony Arredondo and Pairing Official Gina Hendricksen  were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at Fargo for length of service of 25 yrs plus. 

Treasurer - Mary Douglas. (see attached reports).  Mary explained the budget and opened it up for discussion 

Tom Martin of Team Tech-Fall made a motion to accept the budget for 2008/ 2009.  Greg Hargrave of Tumwater seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously.  

Kids Director –Mike Cuzzetto.  Reported on Schoolboy Duals.  The trip was very successful..  The team finished 6th in Freestyle and 9th in Greco.  At Kids Nationals in Orem, UT, Washington placed 21 All Americans in Freestyle and Greco, and of those 21, 4 became National Champions.  Chandler Rogers (Novice 105) placed 1st in Greco, Adam Burchett (SB 70) placed 1st in Freestyle, Jake Velarde (SB 84) placed 1st in Greco, and Jordan Rogers (SB 144) placed first in Freestyle and Greco.  

Western Regional was represented well by the state of Washington.  We have put our name in to bid to host the 2010 and 2011 Western Regional at the Puyallup fairgrounds.  The Gladiator Tournament is coming to Puyallup November 22 of this year.  Mike hopes to view this tournament as a test as to how the facility will handle hosting Western Regionals.  If things go as planned, our state will bid for the tournament in June of 2009 for hosting it for the following two years.  

Cadets - Merle Crocket.  Marlee Lucas, Mike Harter and Merle Crockett led the Cadets this year at Cadet Duals.  The team did okay.  Deadlines were hard to meet to fill the team.  All the athletes got good matches.  There were several 3 day clinics/ camps offered to prepare the athletes for this trip.  At Fargo, both the Cadet and Junior coaches worked together to see that athletes had coaches in their corners.  It was a combined effort. 

Web Site - Dave Gilbertson.  Reported on the WSWA website and the Washington Wrestling Report.  Dave has maintained the site in the same pattern as it has been for the past several year.  He has put current information links on the front page as the information becomes available.  He keeps all information on that page until the end of the year and then archives it with a link by year on the left to previous years.  Dave lists the schedule as the tournaments become sanctioned.  This year we need to really get after the clubs to get that information in early..  The earlier they get their sanctions in, the earlier they get their tournament listed on the site schedule and that helps get more people to attend their tournament by allowing advanced trip planning for wrestlers.  Dave keeps a record of state level tournament results for historical purposes and pictures of the teams at Nationals.  Dave is dependant on someone that is with the national teams to take a picture of the team and e-mail it to him for posting.  It would be nice if that duty was assigned by the team coach to insure that we get a current one during the tournaments for posting.  A list of team members is also something that is up to each team leader to send in.  This year the web site has had approximately 56,000 hits since September of 2007.  The costs with the old server were about $240/year for the WSWA web site.  The costs for the web site and message board for 2007-2008 was $232/year. Dave would like to make sure we get a list of all sanctioned teams that is sorted by city.  He gets numerous requests for clubs by location.  Currently we have them listed by name which makes it harder to get the information.  Sherry will see what can be done to get information to Dave about this.  Send emails regarding the web site directly to Dave. 

WSWA Photographer- Dave Jedlicka  Events Attended:

Twin City – 3 styles Tournament – 544 photographs published to website

Cadet/Junior NW Regionals – 393 photographs published to website

WA St. Greco Championships – 276 photographs published to website

Western Regionals – Las Vegas – 903 photographs published to website

WA St. Freestyle Championships – 376 photographs published to website

Fargo National Championships – 1,617 photographs published to website 


Twin City - $73

Cadet/Junior NW Regionals - $171.70

WA St. Greco Championships - $44

Western Regionals - $1,161.18

WA St. Freestyle Championships - $31.77

Fargo National Championships - $2,003.25      TOTAL - $3,411.90 ($6,397.78 with equipment) 

Although I have received a lot of positive feedback about the pictures, there has not been much activity with purchasing of photos.  I have asked a number of people outside of the wrestling world about this, and the general consensus is that people will not purchase something that they can basically have for free (over 10,000 visitors to the website in the last 5 months).  I have no plans on changing the structure or purpose of the website or my activity. 

Hopefully my participation and input has been positive for my first part of a year on the Board, and I look forward to the continued success, recognition, and preservation of our state’s wrestling efforts.  In addition, I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into this position.  I promise to continue to be an attentive and contributing member of both the Board and the wrestling community. 

Non voting Board Appointments 

The current appointed positions that are being filled this year are: 

Travel Director- Teri Hopkins

Membership Director- Sherry Bullard

Web site Maintenance Director- Dave Gilbertson

WSWA Photographer- Dave Jedlicka  

More Directors’ Reports 

Coaches - Jay Terry .  The state sold 697 coaches cards this year bringing in $3,485 to the coaches account.  WSWA hosted 5 Bronze Clinics.  There were 154 Bronze Class participants.  95 of these were at Folkstyle State.  14 Silver College Participants were at Eastern Washington University.  The state brought in 3 top level clinicians for the college.  They were Justin Ruiz, Terry Steiner, and Jared Frayer.  Tony Black the USAW Coaches Director also attended.  20 coaches applied for National Teams, and all 20 were given a National assignment. 

Juniors – given by Jim Burchett (Deputy Director) for Craig Hanson along with the Deputy Director Report .  The major events for the juniors each year include the duals, nationals and training camp, Washington did not have its best showing at the duals in Oklahoma this past summer winning only one dual, however the team did compete well and gave it’s best effort.  We were short on Greco experience but all in all it was a good experience and those that attended got their monies worth in competition.  The training camps were spread out across the state so as to make the trip financially fair to all with the first weekend being in Spokane, the next in Yakima and the final one at Highline CC prior to leaving for the duals.  We again had some last minute drop outs and we were able to make a couple last minute adjustments and some not.  We still need to work on making this a showcase event that our best from the state want to attend. The team was led by Craig Hanson, and assisted by Luke Leifer of Spokane and Sean Ekerson of Elma.  Jay Terry went as the official.

This year’s camp held at EWU was mixed with the Silver Coaches college.  The coach/athlete ratio was high.   USA clinician came out and in many cases provided current information and competition/training skills that are being used at the training center at this time.   

USA Wrestling National Tournament – Fargo, ND

Washington Jrs had a solid performance with 5 Greco All-Americans, 2 Freestyle All-Americans and 1 Women’s National Champion.

Greco All-Americans- 119 Isaac Romero 5th, 145 Derek Garcia 5th, 152 Eric Jones 5th, 189 Daren Faber 8th, 189 Jake Swartz 4th.

Freestyle All-Americans- 152 Jimmy Belleville 2nd, and 189 Jake Swart 5th.

Women’s Freestyle National Champion was Alisha Beach of Kelso

Cost of Trip- For the second straight year we were able to keep the trip cost down to under $1000.00.  Jamie, Carla and Gary of Suplay Wrestlers World deserve a great big thank you from all of us.   It is a tremendous savings and other states don’t enjoy this benefit. All together this is about a $20,000.00 donation that helps all of our teams.  For the first time we went with the same uniform package for Western Regionals through all dual teams and nationals.  The consistency was good this year Team Washington won the uniform package design. 

We will continue to work in this area and hope that we can keep the costs down and the quality up for our packages. 

State Chairman - Chuck Bullard

?  Craig Hanson has stepped down as Junior Director.

·    Athlete Accounts Receivable Aging Summary will be published.  .  Dave Jedlicka volunteered to contact these athletes and or their families and work on getting them current on their debt owed to the state.  If this does not bring them current, then Dave will set up to have them sent to collections.

·    Background check for TCLogic will continue to be good for two years.  Those in our state who had a background performed this year will have theirs processed on the off year of all the other states that will be required to get their background this year. 

Election of Directors: 

The position of Deputy Director is currently held by Jim Burchett.  His position is unopposed.

John Own made a motion to accept into office Jim Burchett as Deputy Director.  Chris Feist seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously.   

The position of Mat Official is currently held by Tony Arredondo.  His position is unopposed

Jim Burchett made a motion to accept into office Tony Arredondo as Mat Official.  Joe Weigel seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously.   

Craig Hanson has stepped down as Junior Director.  Luke Leifer was recommended to hold this position.

Ron Beard made a motion to accept into office Luke Leifer as Junior Director.  Tom Martin seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously.

                The position of Eastern Kids Director is currently held by Gene Hopkins.  Jim McCulla of Moses Lake nominated Ron Beard for the Eastern Kids Director position. This went to a vote, and Ron Beard was elected as Eastern Kids Director. 

The position of Treasurer is currently held by Mary Douglas.  This position is unopposed

Tony Arredondo made a motion to accept into office Mary Douglas as Treasurer.  Mike Cuzzetto seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously. 

The position of Coaches Director is currently held by Jay Terry.  This position is unopposed.

Mary Douglas made a motion to accept into office Jay Terry as Coaches Director.  MJ Hargrave seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously. 

Nominations were taken from the floor to fill the athlete representative’s positions.   

Steven Hopkins, Nic Bayer, Brandon Martin, Brenton Beard, Jared Maynes and Jake Velarde will be our athlete representatives for this coming year.  These athletes need to send their email address and a picture to Dave Gilbertson.  Chuck reminded the clubs that he would like to see these athletes attend meetings and communicate at these meetings what the all the athletes would like to see happening in our organization.

Unfinished Business: 

Greg Hargrave made a motion to have Senior Freestyle State combined with Cadet / Junior and Junior Womens Freestyle State.  Devin Krenz of Ferndale seconded the motion.  The motion was accepted with 2 objections

Joe Weigel of USA Everett proposed the situation of seeding for our State Tournaments.  He presented ideas and handed out different examples of how it would work.  Different scenarios were discussed. 

Joe made a motion to accept the seeding as presented for the Folkstyle State Tournaments.  Norma McFarland seconded the motion.  It was put to a vote and the motion was not approved. 

New Business:   

Tournament Schedule 

Proposed tournament schedule for 2008/2009:

November 8, 2008-                 Region 1- Whidbey Wildcats

November 15, 2008-               No tournaments scheduled

November 16, 2008-               Region 2- Centralia

November 16, 2008-               Region 1- Redmond Bulldogs WWKWL league only event

November 22, 2008-               Region 1- Ferndale 

November 29, 2008-               No tournaments scheduled 

December 6, 2008-                  No tournaments scheduled

December 7, 2008-                  Region 3- Big Horn

December 13, 2008-                No tournaments scheduled 

December 14, 2008-                Region 1- Sedro Woolley

December 20, 2008-                No tournaments scheduled 

December 27, 2008-                Region 1- Oregon Classic Qualifier- USA Everett

January 3, 2009-                     No tournaments scheduled 

January 10, 2009-                   Oregon Classic

January 11, 2009-                   Region 1- Steelclaw WWKWL league only event

January 17, 2009-                   Region 1- Whidbey Wildcats

January 24, 2009-                   No tournaments scheduled

``                     January 31 & Feb. 1, 2009-    Washington State Folkstyle Championship- Twin City

February 28, 2009-                 Region 1-USA Everett

                                          Region 2- Tumwater (Freestyle)

March 1, 2009-                       Region 2- Tumwater (Greco)

March 7, 2009-                       Region 2- Bearclaw

                                           Region 3- Spokane West Valley

March 14, 2009-                     Region 1- Sons of Thunder

                                           Region 2- Puyallup (Free-co)

                                           Region 3- Big Horn Riverside SD- F/S & Greco

March 20, 2009-                     Region 2- Twin City- Greco

March 21, 2009-                     Region 2- Twin City- Freestyle

March 22, 2009-                     Region 2- Twin City-Folkstyle

March 28, 2009-                     Region 1- Sedro Woolley

March 27-29, 2009-                Northwest Regionals and Senior WTT Qualifiers- SWWWC

April 4, 2009-                         Region 1- Ferndale

                                                                   Region 2- Centralia

April 3-5, 2009-                      ASICS Folkstyle Nationals

April 7-11, 2009-                    Western Junior Regional Championships Las Vegas, NW

April 18, 2009-                       Region 1- Lynnwood

April 25, 2009-                       Region 1- USA Everett

                                          Region 2- Bearclaw @ Maple Valley (Greco)

May 2, 2009-                          Washington State Greco Roman Championship Midget through Senior- Vipers

May 9, 2009-                          Washington State Freestyle Championship- Pee Wee through Schoolboy- Whidbey Wildcat Wrestling Club.

May 16, 2009-                        Washington State Cadet, Jr. & Jr. Women’s Freestyle Championship & Washington State Senior Freestyle Championship-  Auburn Mountainview Wrestling Club

May 30, 2009-                        Region 2- Team Tech Fall (F/S & Greco) 


Tom Martin of Team Tech Fall made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Chris Feist of Bear Claw seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:40pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Kim Burchett

WSWA Secretary

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