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Board Members present: 

Chuck Bullard, Sherry Bullard, Mary Douglas, Dave Gilbertson, Kim Burchett, Merle Crockett, Jim Burchett, Tony Arredondo, Dave Jedlicka, , and Jay Terry. 

Board Members not present:  Mike Cuzzetto , Craig Hanson, Terry Hopkins, Gene Hopkins . 

Call to Order

Chuck Bullard called the meeting to order at 9:25am. 

Non voting Board Appointments 

                Sherry Bullard- Membership Director

                Dave Gilbertson- Website Maintenance Director

                Teri Hopkins- Travel Director

                Dave Jedlicka- WSWA Photographer 

Old Minutes  

The minutes from the June 1, 2008 Board of Directors conference call meeting were reviewed by the directors.  Sherry Bullard made a motion to adopt the minutes from the June 1, 2008 conference call.  Mary Douglas seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously. 


Mary Douglas presented the budget.  (See attached reports).   

The board discussed Fargo and the Duals, and the need to compensate coaches for their meals.  After discussioin, Sherry Bullard made a motion to pay $25 per day for scheduled travel and tournament days, for coaches that are selected to Duals, Cadet, Women and Junior National Teams.  This money will come from the coaches’ fund.  Jay Terry seconded the motion.  The motion was carried unanimously. 

Jay Terry made a motion that all Selected National Team Coaches will be required to travel with the team.  Sherry Bullard seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously. 

Jim Burchett brought up discussion pertaining to travel to Fargo.  Vans were very hard secure this year, and may not be possible to get next year.  He shared that Oregon allows their athletes to arrange their own travel so they may use air miles they currently have, or put the payment on their credit card.  Jim is going to have Terri Hopkins look into travel for Fargo next year as well as look into the pricing for the new hotels that are located directly across from the dome.  Jim will do more research with Oregon and find out how having their athletes fly into Fargo on their own worked for them.  This will be discussed at a later board meeting. 

The board reviewed the proposed budget for 2008-2009. (See attached report).   

Jay Terry made a motion that the board accepts the budget to present to the general membership.  Tony Arredondo seconded the motion.   The motion was carried unanimously. 

After looking at the accounts receivable aging report, the board discussed the need to get these athletes current on what they owe to the state.  Dave Jedlicka volunteered to contact these athletes and or their families and work on getting them current on their debt owed to the state.  If this does not bring them current, then Dave will set up to have them sent to collections. 

The Board went into Executive Session (BOD members- see attachment)

Other Business 

                Chuck Bullard announced that Craig Hanson stepped down as Junior Director. 

Director Duties/ Timelines 

Sherry Bullard compiled a sample list of what duties need to be done and at what time of the year for different jobs of state directors.  There was discussion, and all directors will work on making a job description with a timeline so that we have in writing what is expected of each position.  This will help make it easier when a director takes on a new position.  This will be discussed again at a later meeting. 


Jay Terry made a motion to adjourn at 11:20am.  Tony Arredondo seconded.  The motion was carried unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Kim Burchett

WSWA Secretary

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