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MARCH 17th, 2007

132 Champ: Jeffrey Whitney - Seattle Wrestling Club

145.5 Champ: Jonny Gilbertson - Unattached

163 Champ: Jared Smith - Yakima Freestyle (Yak Attack)

185 Champ: Daniel Pitsch - Toro

211.5 Champ: M.t. Ayers - Tri Cities Wrestling Club

264.5 Champ: David Walker - Reality Sports Wrestling Club

Senior - 132 Results
1st Place - Jeffrey Whitney of Seattle Wrestling Club
2nd Place - Harry Wolff of Snohomish Kids Wrestling
1st Place Match
Jeffrey Whitney (Seattle Wrestling Club) over Harry Wolff (Snohomish Kids Wrestling) Fall 1:41

Senior - 145.5 Results
1st Place - Jonny Gilbertson of Unattached
2nd Place - Bryan Bosch of Woodland Mat Club
3rd Place - Ronnie `kyle` Moore of Unattached
4th Place - Zach Quinby of Willapa Wrestling Warriors
5th Place - Tyler `alan` Moore of Unattached
6th Place - Trent Jones of Unattached
7th Place - Ryan Wetterlund of Oly Mountain
1st Place Match
Jonny Gilbertson (Unattached) over Bryan Bosch (Woodland Mat Club) Dec 6-0,5-3
3rd Place Match
Ronnie `kyle` Moore (Unattached) over Zach Quinby (Willapa Wrestling Warriors) Fall 3-9,1:59
5th Place Match
Tyler `alan` Moore (Unattached) over Trent Jones (Unattached) FF
7th Place Match
Ryan Wetterlund (Oly Mountain) received a bye.

Senior - 163 Results
1st Place - Jared Smith of Yakima Freestyle (Yak Attack)
2nd Place - Brandon Nall of Unattached
3rd Place - Chad Requa of Wrestling Rhinos
4th Place - Casey Bockman of Tri Cities Wrestling Club
5th Place - Shaine Jaime of Unattached
6th Place - Danny Brocker of Ferndale Wrestling
7th Place - Jon Hadlock of Thunder (Vancouver)
8th Place - Chris Whitney of Seattle Wrestling Club
1st Place Match
Jared Smith (Yakima Freestyle (Yak Attack)) over Brandon Nall (Unattached) Dec 0-7,5-2,8-2
3rd Place Match
Chad Requa (Wrestling Rhinos) over Casey Bockman (Tri Cities Wrestling Club) Fall 9-3,0:21
5th Place Match
Shaine Jaime (Unattached) over Danny Brocker (Ferndale Wrestling) FF
7th Place Match
Jon Hadlock (Thunder (Vancouver)) over Chris Whitney (Seattle Wrestling Club) Dec 3-1,7-0

Senior - 185 Results
1st Place - Daniel Pitsch of Toro
2nd Place - Nathan Nilson of Snohomish Kids Wrestling
3rd Place - Steve Hadsel of Unattached
4th Place - Hanz Gray of Ferndale Wrestling
5th Place - Craig Fredrikson of Vision Quest
6th Place - Justin Vandyke of Sons Of Thunder
1st Place Match
Daniel Pitsch (Toro) over Nathan Nilson (Snohomish Kids Wrestling) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Steve Hadsel (Unattached) over Hanz Gray (Ferndale Wrestling) Dec 6-0,5-0
5th Place Match
Craig Fredrikson (Vision Quest) over Justin Vandyke (Sons Of Thunder) Dec 2-0,6-3
7th Place Match
null (Unattached) received a bye.

Senior - 211.5 Results
1st Place - M.t. Ayers of Tri Cities Wrestling Club
2nd Place - Matt Glenn of Eastside Wrestling Club
3rd Place - Elan Klima of Elma Wrestling Club
Round Robin Matches
M.t. Ayers (Tri Cities Wrestling Club) over Matt Glenn (Eastside Wrestling Club) Fall 1:30
M.t. Ayers (Tri Cities Wrestling Club) over Elan Klima (Elma Wrestling Club) Fall 1:30
Matt Glenn (Eastside Wrestling Club) over Elan Klima (Elma Wrestling Club) TF 6-0,6-0

Senior - 264.5 Results
1st Place - David Walker of Reality Sports Wrestling Club
2nd Place - Richard Kowell of Unattached
3rd Place - Bret Brill of Snohomish Kids Wrestling
Round Robin Matches
David Walker (Reality Sports Wrestling Club) over Richard Kowell (Unattached) Dec 6-0,5-0
David Walker (Reality Sports Wrestling Club) over Bret Brill (Snohomish Kids Wrestling) Fall 5-0,0:25
Richard Kowell (Unattached) over Bret Brill (Snohomish Kids Wrestling) Fall 5-1,0:49

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